22-year-old search-engine-optimized musician ⌕umru emerged into the pop music zeitgeist with his first production credit on ⌕Charli XCX's regenrealist 2017 mixtape ⌕Pop 2, recruited at 18 by ⌕A. G. Cook to co-produce the highlight track 'I Got It'. this quickly brought umru from high school and online music circles to joining XCX's US and EU tour dates and collaborating with some of pop's most forward-thinking acts. the release of his debut ᴇᴘ ⌕search result on Cook’s ⌕PC Music label revealed his strength in merging intense, somatosnareal production with earwormesque performances from a lineup of protohyperpopular vocal talent including ⌕Laura Les (of ⌕100 gecs) and ⌕Lewis Grant (of ⌕Lewis Grant). the ᴇᴘ was followed by three sold out 'search party' events across the US. umru’s ⌕sound cache sample pack has become a staple among modern producers. umru's most recent work includes the star-studded 7-minute ⌕movinglikeazombie (remix) with ⌕ericdoa (named one of the best tracks of 2020 by ⌕NPR), production for ⌕Dorian Electra, ⌕Rebecca Black, ⌕Tommy Cash, and ⌕Fraxiom, as well as scoring for artist Hayden Dunham‘s performance at MoMA PS1. umru has been featured in Paper Magazine, ⌕AQNB & ⌕Lyrical Lemonade

umru is also a founding member of rendercultured design firm ⌕Parent Company ©, with clientele ranging from Rina Sawayama to Balenciaga, and virtual events group ⌕Open Pit. in 2020, umru launched the antiindustry record label ⌕SONG® Music, and he has long maintained a high-ranking internship day job at ⌕Splice.

umru’s work is most audible via ︎ Bandcamp, ︎ Spotify, ︎ Apple Music, and ︎ Soundcloud. umru can be found on both ︎ Instagram, and ︎ Twitter as a newly-verified voice of bluecheckism. he can be reached for production-related inquiries via ︎ umru@umru.dj, graphic design queries via ︎ umru@parentcompa.nyc, sound design queries via ︎ umru@sn-a.re, sample discourse via ︎ umru@splice.com, virtual booking ︎ umru@minecraft.xxx & legal notices via ︎ umru@newso.ng. for other topics not listed, please find the correct email below:
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umru currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. ♩


Glasgow, Scotland December 3

search party season 2 at Stereo

London, UK December 10

Trance Party at Corsica Studios

Brooklyn, NY December 18

Unstoppable Force b2b Immovable Object at Trans Pecos


search result ᴇᴘ

written, produced & mixed by umru     mastered by Matt Colton     sticky mastered by Mr. Bill     art by Timothy Luke & umru     PC028    

1. recurse
2. popular (ft. Laura Les)
3. sticky (ft. Ravenna Golden)
4. chemistry (ft. Lewis Grant)
5. heat death (ft. Banoffee)
6. linkrot




umru, Tommy Cash & 645AR


produced by umru     mixed by Matt Cohn     mastered by Ryan Schwabe     art by Sam Rolfes & umru     

︎ music video by Team Rolfes



The One

produced by umru & A. G. Cook     


Dorian Electra

Edgelord (Johann Sebastian Bach Remix) [ft. The Joker, Savage Ga$p & Rebecca Black]

produced by umru & Full Tac     mixed by Lars Stalfors     art by Weston Allen & Parent Company ©     


That Kid



amy crush


produced by umru & amy crush     mastered by odece     



danny phantom

produced by umru & odece     




produced by umru & Glasear     


Aaron Cartier

Smile Season ʟᴘ

1. FASTLANE produced by umru & Yung Skrrt    8. FEELIN LIKE a MILLION produced by umru     




produced by umru & DJH     mixed by umru     art by Vanth    


Hannah Diamond

Play With My Heart

produced, mixed & mastered by umru     

exclusive to Tetris Beat on Apple Arcade




produced by umru said I’m kimj zetra on these vvspipes  


Bloodz Boi 血男孩 & william crooks

Iced Lemon Tea

produced by umru     mixed & mastered by william crooks     art by 5outho    




produced by umru & Dillon Jaymes     art by Vanth    


︎ umru & Himera Live at Hidden Meadow 2021

visuals by Parent Company ©     event by Curiosity Shop     tags by tuchscreen & Petal Supply     tracklist on Youtube     


Aj simons

soap (umru’s lullaby)

original song produced by cedric madden & DJ Mustard     





umru, River Moon, Aaron Cartier, jedwill, Tony Velour, Rodney Chrome, 4kmirage, Yung Skrrt, Andrew Goes to Hell, SEBii, Staple God, TYGKO, Mohawk Johnson, ando, Petal Supply, Lucy Lohan, Hate Shaliek, Left at London, Fraxiom, NEUTRA & william crooks     


art by Graphixslayer & Parent Company ©     additional production by Petal Supply & Andrew Goes to Hell     hosted by william crooks     produced, mixed & mastered by umru    





A. G. Cook

2021 (umru remix)

vocals by Sounds Like a U Problem & A. G. Cook     art by Timothy Luke     mixed by umru    


Tommy Cash

Zuccenberg (ft. $uicideboy$ & Diplo)

produced by umru & Diplo     mixed by umru     knobs broken off by umru    


Petal Supply

1 (ft. Himera, umru & trndytrndy)

artwork by Garonganut     mixed & mastered by Petal Supply    


Porridge Radio

Pop Song (umru & Himera remix)



ran out of love

produced by umru, IGLOOGHOST & Kai Whiston     artwork by Elena Fortune     vocal mix by slappy     mixed & mastered by umru    


Perto & Yayoyanoh

Sympathy (umru breakup)


Bloodz Boi

DNA (ft. SEBii)

produced, mixed & mastered by umru     art by 5outho    


︎ umru & Aj simons live at Nocturne

video by Parent Company ©     all music by umru & Aj simons    


with Silver Sphere, Aj simons, emotegi, Tony Velour, william crooks, Aaron Cartier, Ravenna Golden, Petal Supply, Fraxiom & ericdoa     video by Parent Company ©     illustrations by Elena Fortune    


ft. SEBii, angelus, kmoe, Lewis Grant, s4vepoint, Tony Velour, emotegi, d0llywood1, 4kmirage     produced, mixed & mastered by umru     art by Graphixslayer & Parent Company    

︎ Limited Edition Vinyl


Caroline Polachek

Ocean of Tears (umru remix)

additional vocals by Ando & Cacklehill     art by Timothy Luke    


Silver Sphere

Crowd (umru remix)


Kacy Hill

Six (umru remix)


Dorian Electra

My Agenda ʟᴘ

1. F The World (ft. The Garden, Quay Dash & d0llywood1)     5. Iron Fist (ft. Faris Badwan)     9. Edgelord (ft. Rebecca Black)     11. Give Great Thanks     art by Weston Allen    

︎ ‘Edgelord’ music video by Weston Allen



Feeling Cool and Normal ᴇᴘ

produced, mixed & mastered by umru    additional production by gupi & underscores    art by James Baroz & Parent Company ©    


Aj simons

New Light

produced, mixed & mastered by umru    


︎ umru b2b fraxiom at Lavapalooza

recorded live in Minecraft at the PC Music Takeover on Cue Stage at Open Pit’s Lavapalooza     art by Parent Company     DJ Tags by william crooks & ProVoiceWorks    


4real (ft. Petal Supply)

produced, mixed & mastered by umru      art by Parent Company ©     no affiliation with f’real Foods Corporation    




produced by umru & SEBii     mixed & mastered by SEBii      



Fuckwit (umru VIP remix)


100 gecs

ringtone (umru remix)

additional vocals by Silver Sphere     guitars by Ray K Sajorda     art by Mikey Joyce & Dario Alva     mastered by Mike Bozzi    


Aaron Cartier

King Tap

produced by umru & Yung Skrrt     mixed & mastered by Aaron Cartier    


Charli XCX


produced by A. G. Cook, umru, Dylan Brady & Nömak    


︎ A. G. Cook b2b umru at Square Garden

recorded live in Minecraft at Square Garden by 100 gecs & Open Pit    


Hannah Diamond

True (umru remix)


william crooks


produced by umru     mixed & mastered by william crooks      photo by ben bursell    




produced by umru, Yves Rothman & Banoffee    


Ravenna Golden


produced by umru & Drew Telly     mixed & mastered by umru     art by Ravenna Golden    

︎ music video directed by Clinton O’Donnell


Tommy Cash


produced & mixed by umru     video directed by Tommy Cash & Anna Himma    

william crooks


produced by umru & underscores     mixed & mastered by william crooks     photo by ben bursell    


Charli XCX

Click (feat. Kim Petras & Tommy Cash)

produced by umru, A. G. Cook, Dylan Brady & Nömak     hook recorded at the umroom     mixed by Geoff Swan    

+ No Boys remix ft. Slayyyter


Dorian Electra

Adam & Steve

produced by umru & Dylan Brady     mixed by Social Chair     mastered by Rob Murray     guitar by Dave Stagno & Parker Silzer IV    

︎ music video directed by Weston Allen


Lil Aaron & Kim Petras

Anymore (umru remix)

mixed & mastered by umru     art by Parent Company ©    



Mine (umru remix)


Ravenna Golden

Open My Eyes (ft. Dorian Electra)

produced by umru & Dylan Brady     mixed & mastered by umru     art by Weston Allen    


Alison Wonderland

No (umru & Kid Froopy remix)


Charli XCX

5 in the Morning (umru remix)


umru, sophie meiers & rasha


umru & Warpstr


additional production by Lido     mixed & mastered by umru    

Kid Froopy

New You (umru remix)


Charli XCX

I Got It (ft. cupcakKe, Brooke Candy & Pabllo Vittar)

produced by umru & A. G. Cook     mixed by Geoff Swan     art by Timothy Luke    

Y2K & Lil Aaron

Damn (umru remix)



Citi Bike (umru remix)


umru & sophie meiers


©2021 umru
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